Ferguson vs. Gaethje: Corona won

At the beginning of April the UFC announced the fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje, which was planned to take place on April 18. Gaethje replaced Khabib Nurmagomedov who had decided to stay home due to the rapid spreading of the virus and restrictions set by the countries. It was announced that the winner of this fight would face Nurmagomedov when the pandemic is over, presumably in September.
Considering the fact that now nothing is really going on in sport, the fight between Ferguson and Gaethje would have been watched by millions of people. The event promised to be huge even for those who are not interested in MMA. Both lightweight fighters are worthy to watch. Ferguson’s fights often receive “The Fight of the Night” awards. The same goes to Gaethje, whose fights regularly earn him awards.
Justin has wrestling skills, however, he prefers to keep fight on the feet. Sometimes, he loses in striking but more often he wins. Currently, Gaethje is the fourth in the lightweight with 3 consecutive wins (all in first rounds). He also defeated Michael Johnson, who in his turn, won the fight against Ferguson. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, we still think that Ferguson would have won in this postponed fight. Tony never had problems with strikers. On the contrary, his punches are very impressive. Remember what he turned the faces of Pettis and Cerrone into during the first two rounds? In general, Ferguson is an experienced fighter, riding his 12-winning streak.

Everyone kept guessing how and where the fight would take place because all sports events are legally forbidden in the countries with high rate of coronavirus infection.

UFC President Dana White was adamant the show would go on. He even reserved a private island for two months in order to organize fights there every week. Then, it became known that the fight would take place in Tachi Palace Resort Casino in California, the Indian reservation. The event was supposed to happen without viewers, and the fighters would have been delivered to the place by private airplanes.

But, unfortunately, coronavirus won. Defeated Dana White confessed that he had to cancel everything because of “a call from the highest level”.

Bookmakers had to withdraw all bets on the real event. So, now you can only place a bet on Cyber UFC.

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