Astralis vs Team Liquid: who will win?

The first stage of the Starladder Berlin Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major has finished with 8 teams out of 16 advancing to the Legends Stage where they will compete for the prize of $1 million.

The main intrigue awaits us in quarter-final between the world’s best Team Liquid and the current champions Astralis. All fans expected these two teams meet in the final, but the draw made the leaders face each other earlier, in quarter-final. Let’s see which team will advance to the final and which one will go home.

Team Liquid

This season Americans are in a good form and during this year they have won 7 trophies. However, at this major they barely made it to playoff. At their last attempt they defeated Mousesports. Team Liquid is still the world’s best team but at this tournament they didn’t show their true level. So, we hope that in the playoff they will finally wake up.


The Dutch failed this season. If you remember they dominated for more than a year, having won 10 trophies. At present, Astralis is far from looking great. Although the beginning of this season were very promising: Astralis won IEM Katowice 2019 and Blast Pro Series Sao Paolo. After that, however, they lost at other tournaments without even reaching finals. At this major they are not favorites, although they lost only once at previous stages.

So, who will win?

This upcoming match is equally important for both teams. Last year Astralis didn’t give a single chance to Liquid. But last time the teams faced each other was at ESL Pro League where Americans won 2-0. As we have already mentioned neither of these two teams looks brilliant, but we think that Liquid has more chances to win. We hope to see a good competition on three maps. Our prediction is that Team Liquid will lead 2-1. Odds on winning Liquid 2-1 are 3:44

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