Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea


On December 22, as part of the 18th round of the English Premier League, two teams from the TOP-5 teams will meet. These are the Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea teams.

The match promises to be very interesting, intense and, most likely, productive.There are a number of reasons for this.Firstly, Tottenham Hotspur, which is located on the 5th place of the tournament table with 26 points, is not averse to pushing its neighbor “from above”, which is London’s Chelsea, with 29 points. Secondly, “Tottenham Hotspur” has been scoring quite a lot lately, which indicates a high motivation and a certain “love” for an open attacking football.So, in the last five matches, the Tottenham team scored at least 2 goals per game.
As for their opponents, these metropolitan gentlemen have modest statistics.However, they will try to please their fans in this match and smooth out the negative impression of their last game against Bournemouth, which takes a modest 14th place in the Premier League. Recall that then Chelsea lost with the score 0: 1.
Thirdly, this is a confrontation between coaches. And, perhaps, this is the most important point.
The legendary and no less scandalous Jose Mourinho, who worked as the head coach of Chelsea in 2013-2015. and subsequently dismissed, from November 20, 2019 he heads the Tottenham Hotspur. Prior to this, Mourinho was fired from Manchester United in December 2018. For the master, this match is an exam. Chance – once again prove to the whole football world who he is.
Still the same. Not to be reminded, but to say loudly about yourself.
To prove that the offensive dismissal from the rivals club in the framework of this game is a mistake.

Chelsea is currently led by a young mentor, Frank Lampard, who was once the top scorer in the history of Chelsea. And, of course, he has something to answer to the prepared schemes of opponents.


In our opinion, the following betting options are interesting and most passable:
1. The victory of Tottenham Hotspur for an excellent coefficient of 2.4;
2. Total over 2.5 for the most conservative players for a modest but reliable coefficient of 1.57

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