English Premier League. Liverpool vs. Leicester

On November 22, Liverpool will face Leicester in the match which will determine who is going to be at the top of the English Premier League possibly till the end of this year. 




The Reds are finally getting to the top of the League table, being their normal selves. Klopp’s side haven’t lost for 7 successive games, 4 of which were played in the Premier League. 2 matches ended in a draw: with Everton (2-2) and with Manchester City (1-1). Also, Liverpool defeated Sheffield (2-1) and triumphantly won over West Ham (2-1). 

As for the Champions League, the Reds are leading in the group, having beaten Ajax (0-1), Midtjylland (2-0) and Atalanta (0-5).

If Liverpool continues like that, they may become Premier League Champions again, as well as Champions League winners. The fact is that Klopp’s dismissal is definitely postponed




The winners of the English Premier League of the 2015-16 season, Leicester claimed a place among the top clubs of England, as well as the world. Although the following 3 years were less successful, the Foxes demonstrated diligence and hard work. 

Last season Leicester finished 5th, which provided the club with a place in the Europa League. In the new season, the Foxes are holding the 1st spot and will not give it without a good fight. 

As for the Europa League, Leicester won 3 games of 3. That’s an excellent result for a newbie. All in all, we can be sure that the upcoming match is going to be spectacular. 


What to bet on?


The odds of 3.86 prove that a draw is unlikely, as both clubs will fight till the end. Leicester, being the underdog, are given the odds of 3.76.

Bookies consider Liverpool to be the favourite of the match, offering the odds of 1.95 on the victory of the Reds. Klopp’s troops cannot lose at home because even the most devoted fans will not forgive it. On November 22, we’ll find out whose bets win!

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