English style Russian roulette

Dark cloud is hanging over some managers in the English Premier League. Those, who recently were outsiders, now displace the leaders from the top. One wrong move may cause someone’s dismissal. Melbet is offering odds on a coach who will be sacked first. Have a look at our list of candidates for elimination.


Jurgen Klopp

Under Klopp’s management, Liverpool celebrated great victories. They won the Champions League and the English Premier League. It seems unreal that after such success something like a 7-2 defeat from Aston Villa can shake Klopp’s confident status. Teams have their ups and downs. Besides, The Reds are finally getting themselves together. They sit in the 3rd place, only one point behind the leading Leicester City.

Liverpool have their current Champions League campaign under control as well, having won 3 games of 3.

According to bookies, Jurgen Klopp is not likely to be fired any time soon. The odds on Klopp’s dismissal – 101.


Carlo Ancelotti

Another representative of Liverpool City is Everton. The club held the lead until the 6th round. That’s why many people predicted Everton winning the title in the 2020-21 season. However, after the 6th round Everton were defeated by weaker opponents: Manchester United, Newcastle United, and Southampton. The Toffees are now in the 7th place. The odds on Ancelotti’s soon dismissal are 67.


Frank Lampard

One of Chelsea’s greatest players, the best playmaker of 2000s, Frank Lampard, who devoted 10 years of his career to Chelsea, was warmly welcomed by the fans as manager. With Chelsea’s budget, it was possible to involve any players within Abramovich’s reach. However, Lampard didn’t make any significant purchases then. In the previous season Chelsea finished 4th and got to play in the Champions League.

In the current season The Blues are obviously struggling, despite the newly purchased players, who cost the club €265mln total. Chelsea occupy the 5th place and are considered to be the most unstable club of the Premier League. Lampard, of course, is the first to blame for such instability.

The odds that Frank Lampard will have to leave the club – 34.


Ole Gunnar Solskaer

The next candidate is another legendary footballer, who played for The Red Devils. In December 2018, Solskaer was appointed as caretaker manager of Manchester United.

Under his stewardship, The Red Devils enjoyed their 8-game winning streak and Solskaer was the first manager in the club’s history who could brag about such results.

However, despite all the achievements, Manchester United finished the 2018-19 and 2019-2020 seasons in the 6th and 3rd places respectively.

In the new season, Solskaer’s side are having real problems. Seven games later, The Red Devils occupy the 14th place with only 10 points. That’s why Ole Gunnar Solskaer is the main candidate for elimination. The odds on his dismissal – 3.


Well, perhaps, these difficulties are temporal and all the coaches will keep their posts. On this you can bet for the odds of 64.

Believing in these managers, we wish good luck to them and to our readers!

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