The basics of express betting

“Express” is a bet consisting of two or more events. The necessary condition here is that none of the events should lose. Otherwise, your entire bet will lose. This type of betting is quite popular because the odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual predictions, which makes them very high.

Why is a single bet safer than an express?

Don’t forget that every bookmaker includes their profit in odds. It is business. So, if you calculate the real efficiency of an express bet, you will see that the index of its efficiency is lower than that of a standard bet. While analyzing sport bets, Edward Thorp, a mathematics professor, concluded that an average profit from an express is 30% less than from two single bets. That’s why, even if your expresses are lucky, as a result, your profit will still be less than with separate bets.

There are some restrictions (common for all bookmakers) for express bets.
First of all, it is not allowed to make duplicate or connected choices. And secondly, there are limits for payouts. Optional restrictions may include limited odds and a little number of possible outcomes.

Some basic rules for a successful express:

  1. The fewer events, the more chances to win;
  2. Odds from 1.5 to 1.8 are perfect for expresses;
  3. Use bonuses. Bookmakers often offer bonuses for “express” bets;
  4. If you notice that your express will lose, but you still have some time for one more bet on the certain event, try to break even. You can find the same bet and choose the opposite to the previously chosen outcome.

Is it possible to make money with express bets?

Gambling, as a way to earn money, cannot exist without a certain system and sequence of actions. In other words, in order to win, you need a strategy based on sport analysis. Express bets, however, imply the simultaneous coincidence of many factors. That is why ordinary methods and tactics become useless.
On the other hand, novice bettors or adventurous gamblers would love this type of betting.

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