Tottenham vs Everton

Tottenham will start off the new Premier League campaign on September 13 with a home match against Everton. Both clubs had six weeks to make amends after their unimpressive last season. Let’s see if they used the time wisely.

Tottenham Hotspur 

The last head-to-head meeting between these clubs took place in July. Then, an own goal by Everton defender Michael Keane was enough for Spurs to win (1-0). The Toffees couldn’t level the score, and Tottenham got 3 points, necessary to beat Wolverhampton for a pass to Europa League.

Despite the appointment of Jose Mourinho, who managed such clubs as Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, Spurs failed to impress in the last season. In the end of the season, they only somehow managed to get to Europa League. Although Mourinho thinks that he deserves credit, 7th place in the Premier League is not quite what we expect from the finalists of the Champions League of the previous season.

This year Spurs purchased Giovani Lo Celso from Spanish club Real Betis. Also, Joe Hart joined the club on a free transfer. We’ll see if these additions help Tottenham in the upcoming match.


The Toffees finished 12th last season, which is not bad, considering the change of head coach in the middle of the season. In December 2019, Carlo Ancelotti took over the club with a difficult task in front of him. Then, Everton was in the 18th place in the EPL table, under the threat of relegation.

Ancelotti managed to keep the club in the Premier League, but the real work is still ahead.

In summer transfer window Everton spent €47.37mln on new players. One of the most significant purchases, to our mind, is probably Napoli midfielder Allan, who joined the club on a three-year deal. Everton also signed James Rodriguez, attacking midfielder from Real Madrid.

So, Ancelotti’s squad is ready to give a fight.


The odds on Everton’s victory are 4.16. If you believe in Ancelotti and his men, it is a great opportunity for a big win.

The odds on a draw – 3.76.

Considering the odds of 1.875, home win for Spurs should be considered.

Who will start the season with a victory: Mourinho’s Tottenham or Ancelotti’s Everton? We’ll find out soon.   

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