Will Malkin and Co get another victory?


On the 21st of December another match of regular NHL season will take place. Evgeni Malkin with his team Pittsburgh Penguins will be welcomed by Edmonton Oilers.

Currently occupying the 7th place of the Western Conference, Oilers cannot boast about either successful home games or stability on the road. December 9, they were defeated by Buffalo (2:3 OT), then suffered a crushing defeat from Carolina (3:6). After the successful match against Minnesota (6:5) on the 13th of December, they lost to Toronto (1:4) two days later. Nevertheless, Oilers were able to please the fans by winning on the road over Dallas Stars (1:2). That victory, however, was shortly followed by another loss to St. Louis (2:1).

Penguins are doing better. Much better actually. Taking the 5th place of the Eastern Conference, Evgeni Malkin’s squad had three successive victories. On the 13th of December Penguins snatched victory from Columbus in overtime (1:0). December 15, Pens defeated Los Angeles Kings in a very exhausting match (5:4 SO). Three days later Pittsburgh destroyed Calgary Flames on the road (1:4).

Taking into account the instability of Edmonton and the fact that they lose at home as often as on the road, we suggest betting on Pittsburgh Penguins’ victory in standard playing time. Coefficient for this is 2.1. We believe that Malkin and Co are able to get another victory on the road.

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