Will Riga Dynamo please its fans?” “Who is on the” fresh”?

The Continental Hockey League regular season match will take place on December 26. “Dynamo” from Riga receives “Metallurg” from Magnitogorsk.So, consider what might be interesting in this match.
The team is located on the 9th line of the Eastern Conference standings.
While this team is in the “relegation zone”.
The game with Riga Dynamo will be the third in a row away until the team returns home again.On December 22, in a bitter struggle, “Metallurg” lost to St. Petersburg “SKA” 2-1.On December 25, the day before the game with Dynamo from Riga, the “steelworkers” will have a very difficult trip to Moscow’s CSKA, the leader of the Western Conference.

Dynamo, unfortunately, are not lucky this season yet.12th last place of the Western Conference.
We need to admit that the team is playing, scoring well, snarling with the “top clubs”, but there is something missing in each game.Either in attack or in defense.On December 21, an excellent match was played with the Finnish Jokerit, but the loss was 5: 3.Prior to that, they lost to Vityaz, Moscow Region, 1-0.Earlier, on December 18, Riga Dynamo received the leader – Moscow CSKA.1: 4 lost.


We will be realistic.Being on the last line of the Western Conference, there is nothing to lose, to say the least.We believe that, having returned home and had a full rest (the last match, as we recall, was on December 21), the Riga team will fight and play beautiful, open hockey.Moreover, Metallurg will be noticeably tired against the background of Riga residents playing on their site.Still, the third away game is not easy.
It is necessary to use such moments that, we are sure Dynamo will do it.
We will carefully bypass the outcome of this match, but bet that Dynamo will be able to score a couple of goals against the opponent.
Great bet for a very high odds of 1.84.Bet – individual total 1 is greater than 1.5.

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