Sports December!

We have prepared a selection of the most extraordinary sporting events that occurred in the first week of the month.

Double knockdown

Cool started the first round of the tournament promotion, in Portugal fighters mixed style (MMA) Eder Lopez and Diego Neves, immediately went on the offensive and … sent each other to the knockdown. 22-year-old Lopez was able to get up, and 31-year-old Neves remained to rest.

Hot sambists

The Sambo tournament in Ingushetia will be remembered for the massive conflict. The hosts of the tournament and their rivals from Chechnya did not share something, and a fight began. Neither the athletes nor the fans remained. Fighters quickly separated, as it is reported, nobody suffered and in law enforcement agencies wasn’t involved.

And beer

Is more important you sit yourself with your favorite beer at an NBA basketball game, and then from the playing field arrives … athlete. A bit a pity spilled beer, but, if preserve equanimity, can be keep the glass and to continue favorite deal. The fall of Langston Galloway, the Detroit pistons quarterback, in an NBA game against the Milwaukee Bucks has spawned a new beer-loving meme.

By the way, the game ended with a victory for Milwaukee with a score of 127: 103. ”

Welder ” Ovechkin

Seeing the hockey player with a blowtorch in his hands, the fans decided that Alexander is a Jack of all trades. But it turned out that the Washington capitals forward simply could not otherwise get rid of the annoying sticker on his helmet. The problem, solved in such a drastic way, arose during the NHL regular season match against the Los Angeles kings (3: 1).

At one stroke

During Carolina’s game against San Jose, a skirmish occurred. Joe Thornton, finishing the puck, touched the goalkeeper, and Mrazek hit the offender with a stick. In response, he received a blow that knocked him down.

The brawlers were fined, Thornton for 4 minutes, Mrazek for 2. But “Carolina” it did not help, and the victory had to win back in the shootout, where Andrei Svechnikov scored, which becomes a new star of the NHL. Andrew has 31 points in 29 games – last full season he collected 37.

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