The oddities of the new December week

A new series of fun sports episodes.

Attempt №2
Alexander Ovechkin again injured the judge.This happened during the NHL regular season match against the Boston Bruins.Forward “Washington Capitals” in the third period of the match crashed into John Macaizek, who left the ice due to injury.

A month ago, after a throw by Ovechkin, the puck hit the face of another referee, breaking it into the blood.

Fan out of luck with selfie

After the Juventus-Bayer match in the Champions League, a fan ran onto the field, wanting to take a joint photo with Cristiano Ronaldo.
But he embraced the football player so unsuccessfully that Ronaldo pushed the daredevil away, and he was taken out of the field.

In the main battle of the RCC 7 tournament, Russian MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko, using a strangulation, defeated U.S. former UFC fighter David Branch.

The American confidently led in the first round, but after a strangulation called “guillotine” surrendered.

Shlemenko now has 59 wins with 12 defeats. Branch’s successes are modest – 7 defeats with 22 wins.

Football knockout

In the Bundesliga match, Alexander Nubel (Schalke 04) knocked out Miyat Gachinovich (Eintracht).

The match ended with the triumph of “Schalke” – 1: 0.

Experience is Power

In the Shamrock FC 326 tournament, more experienced 58-year-old kickboxer Laura Lee Jones knocked out her 21-year-old rival Ray Ostempowski.

In the third round, the older athlete inflicted a series of blows, after which the younger athlete could not rise.

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