Toilet monetization


Air companies with low fares, also known as low-cost carriers, often become a reason for jokes. Soon after the hype around fees for plastic cups, rumor had it that passengers will be charged for the use of lavatories on the board of Pobeda airlines. The news is fake, but so credible that bookmakers started accepting bets. Laugh all you want but there is some truth in every joke.
For many years passengers, who want to save some money on flights, have been using the service that low-cost airlines provide. Such carriers charge less than other airlines at the cost of various comforts, such as food on board, baggage and so on, which are not included in the basic fare.
Of course, they always look for different ways to minimize the expenses. Thus, for example, back in 2009, Ryanair considered the possibility to charge 1 EUR for the use of lavatories on board. This suggestion caused extremely negative feedback, especially from those who need to use toilets more often than others due to health conditions. As a result, this initiative wasn’t approved.
“Relay race” continued in Russia. December 2018, airlines Pobeda announced that registration of passengers at the airports will be charged a fee of 25 EUR per person. Meanwhile, online registration is still free. Also, the airlines considered charging a fee for plastic cups used on board. It seems like they definitely want to save on passengers as much as possible. But let’s hope that it will not go as far as charging for lavatory use.

However, the interest to such bets is growing. Thus, at the end of 2018 the odds for paid lavatories were 25, now the odds are 36 already.
So, if you like unusual bets, take risk. The chances are quite high here, because business in Russia is very unpredictable.

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