The Legends’ Comeback

The most popular girl group of the 90s the Spice Girls announced their reunion (but without Victoria Beckham). Fans, rejoice! There will be a tour of the cities of Great Britain. And it will probably be followed by a world tour.

During the existence of the group Spice Girls managed to record only 3 albums. Despite this fact, many compositions became real hits. For example, the debut song “Wannabe”, which collected about 400 million views on Youtube became one of the most recognizable songs in the history of music. Moreover, Spice Girls are the pioneers of fashion trends. Clothes with British flag , platform shoes, and Victoria Adams (Beckham) hairstyle became popular thanks to the group. Except the concert tour, the reunion of the group in 2019 promises to release clips and albums containing the best hits. It is highly likely that in order to make the reunion more terrific the group will record one of their hits wth a famous singer.

Which star will be chosen by the group? Here is the rating of bookmakers:

3rd place

A popular British singer Ed Sheeran at first glance does not seem to be an obvious choice for the girl group. However, he is one of the most popular singers at the moment. Therefore, he can bring a new, young audience to the group.

2nd place

Ariana Grande is also a famous singer. She started her career in 2008 in a Broadway musical. Now Ariana has a world tour in the support of her albums. Her tracks break records on the Spotify service.

1st place

The most probable choice of the group in bookmakers’ opinion is a super popular British singer Adele. Her songs and albums received diamond and platinum statuses many times. The song “Skyfall” even became the main soundtrack in the movie about James Bond “Skyfall ”.

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