New McGregor show

On January 18, 2020, a battle is planned between the Irish Conor McGregor and the American Donald Cerrone.
On which of these two do you bet and not lose?

Let’s get a look.According to Justin Gage, the “colleague” of the dangerous business fighters, this meeting will be a real freak show.
He is confident that the Irishman will help Justin clear the way to the championship belt.

Connor is known not so much for his fighting skills as for the eccentricity of his actions.
Yes, this guy knows how to create a storm in a glass of water. Insults, attacks, drunken brawls, robbery, rape. The figure is odious … After an unpleasant defeat in a duel with Nurmagomedov, he even thought about resigning.But who will believe the cunning leprechaun in the octagon?

And now, in January, he intends to take revenge for the humiliating defeat.Donald Cerrone will turn 37 but he is not even going to think about ending his career.While the famous fighters participate in fights once or twice a year, the cowboy is ready to go into the octagon twice a month.Undoubtedly, this wears out the body very much and negatively affects the statistics of victories.
Fans believe that the sole purpose of the event is the victory of Conor. “Just a freebie and a gift victory for the Irish wimp.” After all, the infamous is easier to fight in the welterweight with Cerrone than in the lung with Geji or Porrier.McGregor comes out in the welterweight to make the weight less. And in this case, much more strength will remain for the battle.
And he fights not against Woodley, but against the lightweight “old man” with an exhausted and worn-out body, which, due to frequent exits, is easily incapacitated in a series of two knockout defeats in a row.
Yes, the Cowboy is 10 cm taller than the opponent and this gives a certain advantage when working at long distances.But still, clear superiority in the upcoming show is on the Irish side.He is younger, full of strength and energy.A strong knockout punch from the left and right hand.And Donald  has problems with the defense of this component. Ginger is a clear favorite of the battle, and a miracle must happen in order for the “old man” to win.
We made our bets, and you?

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