7 basic rules of sports betting for beginners


We are starting a series of information articles that will focus on working with bookmakers and various types of bets. We will introduce the most popular and little-known but equally effective strategies. However, before starting to introduce you into an in-depth course with different numbers, graphs and obscure terms, we would like to mark 7 basic rules.  It is better to observe them if you want to connect part of your time and life with the sports and play world.

So, let’s start shortly:

  1. You have to understand – what do you do bets for? What is it for you? Business, entertainment, profession? Based on this, the strategy and size of the common bank you will operate is subsequently determined. The very first and most important is never to put the last money. Otherwise, if you lose, you will do significant damage to your budget.
  2. We need to choose the bookmaker office. We advise you to get acquainted with open information about various bookmakers. Explore their rules, bonuses, and customer feedback. It resembles a bank’s choice. The thing is that you will trust the bookmaker with your personal funds for operational management.The choice is for you, but we advise you to get acquainted with the conditions of one of the most solid bookmakers in the world market – MELBET. We are sure that the terms of cooperation will please you.
  3. Approach the bets with a cold head. Carefully examine the coefficient line. On leaders often give very low coefficients, but remember that the favorite does not always win! In sports there is always a game moment which can turn the situation 180 degrees.
  4. Stick to the game strategy which is closest to you. Take into account the peculiarities of your temperament and the level of anxiety. It’s a lot of work on itself. Approach bets more easily. Don ‘t make your life hell.
  5. Control discipline of your bank. Similar to business – your income level should exceed the level of spending. But accept that you will be accompanied by ups and downs. A series of bets will resemble black and white bands, like a zebra. Take it quietly. You won’t be a high-end professional instantly. However, it’s important that ultimately your gaming bank slowly grows.
  6. Try to bet on what you know most. This will allow you to analyze each event in more detail. And, after all, it’s just a lot more interesting to watch competitions in your favorite sport in real time. But as we wrote above, you need to approach every event with a cold head. It’s a very thin line.
  7. Devote a strictly defined amount of time to betting. Even if it’s the main job for you. Do not allow deep inside yourself emotions from losses. Remember about life, friends and family who surrounds you. Remember that the game is a game. You will not be able to always guess the outcome of events in sports events by 100%. It is impossible. But you can try to make that probability as high as possible. That’s what it’s called professionalism.

Our team wishes you great luck, high winning ratios and a positive balance in everything! 

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