The simplest scheme of sports betting

As we continue our in-depth study of betting, let’s look at one of the simplest strategies, which can help you more effectively run your bank and win more money. What is the fixed bank percentage? How to use it and what are the advantages of it? Let’s have a look.
In a few words, you need to decide on the fixed percentage of the betting bank to stake on each bet. And it doesn’t matter what the result of your previous bet was. The percentage should always be the same. So, it is just another variation of flat betting. But in that case, a player must bet a fixed sum, not the percentage of the bank. A more advanced scheme of Fixed Bank Percentage is Miller’s Financial Management System, which will be discussed in the next articles.
So, how big should the percentage be? More experienced punters can bet 10% to 20% of bankroll. Beginners should start with 1%-2% of their betting bank in order to gain experience and then gradually raise the percentage. How does it work in practice?
Let’s say we have $500. Our percentage will be 2%.
Bet $10 Chelsea – Bayer, odds are 1.5. Win. Our betting bank is $505
Bet $10.1 Monaco – Genoa, odds are 2.00. Win. Our betting bank is $515.1
Bet $10.3 Juventus – Chelsea, odds are 1.70. Loss. Our betting bank is $504.8
Bet $10.09 Monaco – Olympique Lyonnais, odds are 1.50. Win. Our betting bank is $509.8

Honestly, this strategy will bring you money slowly, However, the risks to go bankrupt are also very low.

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