Burzum: whether or not


Today we will talk about Varg Vikernes, also known as Louis Cachet and his sensational in certain circles musical project Burzum.

In June 2018, Cachet-Vikernes announced the end of the project, but in October 2019 announced his intention to release a new album. When will this long-awaited event happen? Black Metal is one of the most popular genres in the heavy metal segment. But initially, it was not so much music as a subcultural phenomenon that brought together pagans, Satanists, and nationalists. Black Metal acquired its characteristic traits in the early 1990’s through the efforts of Norwegian groups of ” The Black Circle”, such as Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor. The Burzum project became known not for the quality of the music, but for the odiousness and eccentricity of the founder, the only permanent member Varg Vikernes. The burning of churches, desecration of graves, and even murder are the reasons why the musician and writer was eventually incarcerated for 16 years. Now our hero settled down a little, although he still stirs the public. He is actively involved in the political life of France and in the production of documentaries, along with his beloved wife Marie Cachet. How do things stand with the new album? According to Louis’ words, he was not going to release another album. But it just happened so that there was too much unreleased music. As the author ironically notes, this release should be “the end of all this nonsense”. According to the latest information from Twitter on December 5, the release date of the album is still unknown.

“Thulean Mysteries” still needs further development. The work will be released as a double CD. Well, this year is almost over. So, we suppose that this Studio album will be released only next year. What do you think?

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