Where will Prince Harry and Meghan live next?

Now that Prince Harry and his spouse Meghan Markle have stepped down from royal duties, they changed several places of residence. The couple’s admirers and journalists keep on guessing where the couple will settle down. Any ideas? Place your bet to earn good money.


Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle’s wedding became one of the main events of 2018. The newlyweds were immediately followed by gossip and intrigues. For example, some sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth II didn’t even smile during the wedding ceremony. Later, Prince Harry and Meghan decided to stop using their royal titles and give up state funding. This decision was prompted by the excessive attention of tabloids, as well as the couple’s desire to be independent of the British State Treasury and to establish their own charitable foundation.


The first place the couple went to after stepping down was Canada. However, when the country announced the closing of borders due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Harry and Meghan moved to Los Angeles, USA. There they lived in a Beverly Hills mansion owned by Tyler Perry, American actor and producer. The 22-acre property is located atop the hill. The only disadvantage there was the lack of privacy and too much attention from the local citizens and tabloids.


A few months later, the couple relocated to Santa Barbara, where they had bought their own house, hoping to live privately. So, will Santa Barbara become their final place of residence? Together with Melbet you can make a bet on where Harry and Meghan will go next.

One of the possible places to become the couple’s home is London, with the odds of 3. The probability is approximately 33%. It seems pretty logical to reside in London, as there is the royal family and excellent choice of schools for their son.

Another possible place for Harry and Meghan is Ballater, a burgh in Scotland with about 1500 inhabitants. Ballater is a place where one of the royal residences is located, which can be occupied by the couple. The small town will provide them with peaceful leisure they dream about. The odds on Ballater are 5. Thus, by wagering 10 EUR, you may win 50 EUR.


Perhaps, you know of some other places where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can reside? Windsor? New York? Miami? Place your bet on Melbet and win.

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