Will the US buy Greenland?

Some time ago, the world was stirred up by the US President Donald Trump’ s statement about the desire to buy Greenland. The island is a part of Denmark as an autonomous territory.The betting site Melbet  does not lag behind global trends and offers to bet that the United States will convince Denmark to sell the island (Melbet.org).

The coefficient that the United States will buy Greenland is 5.8. That is, for every ruble you can get almost six. Is it possible to buy a part of another country? On the one hand, many politicians and officials in Denmark have declared the impossibility of this transaction.And in America, many are skeptical. On the other hand, history reminds us of the events when overseas territories were sold. Thus, for example, US purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire, and Louisiana – from France, and Florida – from Mexico. In 1917, Denmark sold to the United States its islands in the West Indies, which are called the US Virgin Islands.There is nothing improbable and impossible in the land sale. Moreover, Greenland is an autonomous territory within Denmark, and if the inhabitants of the island are tempted by the fact that at one moment they will become Americans, they can vote for joining the United States. The USA needs Greenland as a supplier of rare minerals, and as an important strategic point in the Arctic and North Atlantic. In addition, the purchase of land will allow Trump to go down in the history of America and will help to be re-elected for the second presidential term in 2020.

Such factors will make Donald Trump very persistent in achieving his goals, and the initial refusal to negotiate cannot confuse such an experienced negotiating businessman like Trump.

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