Alive – lifeless Moushovur

We continue to discuss our thoughtful series about the magical hunter of evil spirits. What other bets can we make here?

Mousesack, as we know, in the first season meets his death. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that this is not the end. And soon he will certainly appear on our screens. What are the reasons for such statement?

In the Sapkowski’s universe, Mousesack is a strong man, middle-aged with a bushy, stiff beard. The best friend and adviser to King Bran. According to the plot of the book, our hero was still alive at the moment when Ian arrived on the Skellige Isles in order to repeat the journey of Ciri’s mother. That means that Mousesack could not die before these events. Thus, such death would directly contradict the main branch of the story. And screenwriter Lauren Hissrich promised to be attentive to details.
So, a logical question arises. If Mousesack is alive, then why to create the appearance of his death on the screen? Most experts agree that the showrunner kills Mousesack to introduce the doppler that binds Ciri, after which the Negro elf frees her and goes into the sunset. A good move of the Americans to once again “apologize” for the sins of the bygone slave years of the black population.
Lauren promised action. So we are inclined to believe that Mousesack, in some magical way, will again be reborn from the ashes. We offer to bet with us on a sudden return of the bearded man.

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