Betting on Instagram concerts: Imagine Dragons, Okean Elzy, Jared Leto and Eminem

While self-isolating, a lot of people continue to work and create. Although the concert halls are empty, the virtual space is overloaded with celebrities’ online performances. Bookmakers offer to make bets on whether Imagine Dragons, Okean Elzy, Jared Leto or Eminem will give online concerts in Instagram till the 1st of May 2020.


Why do musicians perform online? Well, of course, they promote their music. However, they also do it to inspire people, who are having hard time during the quarantine. Besides, musicians themselves need the energy that comes only from public. Frankly speaking, pandemic took not only their opportunities to earn money, but also their reason for being. For any musician, stage is not merely ground for performance, but it is a part of life. We all are used to having finished products, such as studio records, high-quality videos, concerts and so on. The stage performance seemed irreplaceable till recently.


Fortunately, we live in the times of advanced technologies, which made an online concert a great alternative to stage performance. Of course, there are many issues to be solved. Thus, for example, for such bands as Imagine Dragons or Okean Elzy, it will be extremely difficult to organize even a light version of their performance online in order to make it convey at least a little bit of the atmosphere of the stage concert.


Solo singers, like Jared Leto or Eminem, have a certain advantage here. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that even amazing vocals can sound different at the end. All the abovementioned musicians certainly understand that, so they probably need weeks of rehearsing and practicing before going online.


Talking about real performances online, we believe that all the musicians we mentioned will sooner or later give online concerts in Instagram. However, in our opinion, only Jared Leto, being the most active in Instagram, will make it till May 1.

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