Will athlete Maria Lasickene change sports citizenship?

December 9, 2019 can be called a black day for Russian sports.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has decided for 4 years to ban Russian athletes from participating in international competitions, at Olympics and World Championships.
The only exception is made for those athletes who have never got into doping scandals.But even they can compete only under the white flag.
It is clear that the motivation of athletes will be undermined, officials, the press and the public will be negative about athletes from Russia.
This decision is a big blow to all honest and pure athletes, since the sports age is short and such a large pass can ruin more than one career.
After the WADA statement, some athletes and experts spoke about the possibility of changing citizenship in order to fight for medals at the Olympics and other competitions under the flag of other countries.
One of the possible athletes who can change their sports citizenship, the press called Maria Lasickene.
She is a three-time world champion in high jump and her ambitions are aimed at the Olympic medal.

Bookmakers from melbet.org accept forecasts that by June 1, 2020, Maria Lasitskene will change her citizenship to another.
Bets on this outcome are accepted with a coefficient of 3.2.You can bet that the athlete will leave Russian citizenship with a coefficient of 1.3. (link)
This coefficient is due to the fact that the representative of athletics does not confirm rumors about the change of country.
So, the coach said in an interview that the situation in which Maria Lasitskene would choose the citizenship of another country is completely ruled out: “we are not talking about changing citizenship.Masha was, is and will be a patriot of her country ”
At the same time, the athlete is considering the opportunity to train in another country, where she will be able to take additional doping tests.We will soon see if this is the first step to changing citizenship.
In the meantime, you can make bets and make money on your forecast.

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