Greyhound racing

The competitions had already been popular in England in the 18th century. Nowadays these races are known all over the world. They have a huge audience and a large number of participants from different countries. Each sportsman also has his or her own professional coach.

Particular breeds of dogs take part in the races. They are: husky, mestizos, greyhounds and Italian greyhounds.
Such races as huskies, mestizos, greyhound and greyhounds take part in the races. They can pass the most difficult tracks at high speed. Some time ago it was necessary to run only from 100 to 200 meters, but now four-footed sportsmen pass several circles.

From the history

A long time ago hares served as motivation for greyhounds, they were released in front of “sportsmen” who needed to show their skills and dexterity. These two skills were evaluated by the judges, who followed the competitors on horses.
Now dogs are trained for speed without using any baits.

Modern Dog Racing

Nowadays this sport has gained particular popularity. The greatest bookmakers offer a large number of bets. However it is not possible to earn much on dogs. The lives of the “sportsmen” are very short (4 years only). At the age of five they are sent to a special nursery as they are already retired.
Sport dogs have special tattoos.There is a rule for dogs to have a tattoo on one ear if they are from Ireland, and to have tattoos on both ears if they are from Britain.
The dogs are shown to the public before each race. The struggle is serious. This is a competitionwith expensive awards.
Fans evaluate the abilities of their favorites carefully.

In fact it is not easy to predict the outcome of a race. Sometimes favorites are beaten by dark horses too.

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