Is Josep Guardiola leaving?

Is Josep Guardiola leaving?
osep (Pep) Maria Guardiola i Sala is the most titled football coach of Spanish descent. Today, he leads Manchester City. There are rumors that Guardiola is going to change the club. Is it really so? Let’s figure it out. Football Daily recently posted news that Guardiola considers his Manchester City team one of the best. And he claims that if they give him another club, he will not be able to win. Pep has been training “citizens” since 2016. Under his leadership, the team twice became champions of England.
The contract with City was extended until 2021. He likes the leadership and the players who he works with. Then, where did the information about the imminent departure of Pep from City come from? According to The Sun, UEFA convicted Manchester City of inflating sponsorship contracts in 2016.

On this basis, it was decided to exclude the club from the list of European Cup participants for two seasons. It is assumed that such a combination of circumstances will force Guardiola to change the club. So, if Pep leaves, then where to?
The most likely option here is Juventus. Thus, the club president Andrea Agnelli is confident that it is Guardiola who will lead his club to victory in the Champions League. Agnelli himself is ready to provide all the necessary conditions and means for this. Moreover, it is with this club that Guardiola will be able to fulfill all his ambitious plans. The selection of players in the “La Vecchia Signora” is at the highest level, the management is sensible, the only one missing is a professional coach, just like our hero! The second option is less likely, but nevertheless, it cannot be discounted. We are speaking about Barcelona. Having spent the majority of his career in this club, Guardiola successfully acted as a player on the field from 1990 to 2001. After that, he managed Barcelona B. However, after some conflict with the club management, he had to leave his post. By the way, the current president of FC Barcelona, Josep-Maria Bartomeu, said that he was not going to run for the next term and would soon leave Blaugrana.
So, Barcelona has a chance to bring back the “prodigal son”. As we see, Guardiola’s departure from the City is only a matter of time. Such an ambitious coach will not be able to work long without major prospects. Our team is betting that Pep will leave for La Vecchia Signora, because in Barça he clashed not only with the leadership, but also with the players, especially with Messi, who was very rebellious because of the strict diet the coach approved. And what outcome will you bet on?

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