Is the mayor of Odessa guilty or not?

According to the laws of Ukraine, officials performing the functions of state or local self-government must declare both their own and property of their wives.The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov did not this.Can he get out of trouble and prove in court his innocence?Let’s evaluate the situation.
At a meeting of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court on November 6, 2019, it was established that the formal divorce did not affect relations with the “ex-wife” Koltunova, in whom an impressive amount of property was discovered.According to economic expertise, the total amount of unaccounted condition amounted to 132.2 million rubles.
This story seems trivial.The punishment under article 366-1 of the Tax Code of Ukraine provides for a fine, community service imprisonment of up to two years.However, an additional preventive measure may be imposed on the same article. Namely, the ban on holding certain posts for up to three years. And this will put an end to the further career of an official.
Nevertheless, we note that Gennady Leonidovich avoided punishment even with more serious charges. For example, he was suspected of misappropriation of budget funds in the sensational case of the plant “Krayan”.
Considering previous experience in similar litigation, we propose to bet on an acquittal.If we cannot correct the political situation, then at least we will make money on it …

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