Manchester City. Is there life after Guardiola?

Coaches come and go. They either meet challenges or fail. Some, like Ferguson or Wenger, manage their clubs for many years, others don’t stay longer than a couple of months. So, is Pep Guardiola going to stay with Manchester City for a long time? Or is he just another chapter in the club’s history?

Manchester City. Pre-Guardiola’s time

The club was founded in 1880 and is historically significant in its homeland. However, City won only one international trophy, UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1970. After that, the club went through a period of decline.

The modern history of Manchester City as one of the top clubs of Europe and the world started in 2009, when Roberto Mancini was appointed as the manager. Being appointed halfway through the season 2009-10, Mancini guided the club to Europa League, where City reached the 1/8 finals and were defeated by Dynamo Kyiv. Under Mancini’s stewardship, in the season 2010-11 the Citizens moved to the top-level of English football, took the 3rd place, secured a spot in the Champions League and won the FA Cup, the club’s first major trophy since 1976. 

In 2012, thanks to the smart transfer buys, Manchester City won the Premier League for the first time in 44 years. The same year Mancini also added the victory over Chelsea (3-2) in the FA Community Shield to his collection. 

The following season 2012-13, Manchester failed to win any trophies, which made the club leadership dismiss Mancini and appoint the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini. 

During Pellegrini’s short reign City reached their first semi-final in the Champions League in 2015-16, but couldn’t beat Real Madrid.

Since July 1, 2016, Pep Guardiola has been managing the club. 

Guardiola’s time

His first season as the head coach, Manchester City finished in the 3rd place in the Premier League. It was time to reassess team’s strategy and tactic. 

By the following season, most of the players were replaced. The renewed Citizens finished the season as Premier League champions. They also won the FA Community Shield and the EFL Cup. Wonderful results for 2 years of management, right?

In the 2018-19 Pep Guardiola’s squad claimed almost all the possible trophies, except for the Champions League, where Manchester City were stopped in the quarter-finals by Tottenham Hotspur. 

After such a successful season, it seemed like the Citizens lost their motivation. Of course, global pandemic has made certain adjustments, but City couldn’t repeat their previous success. In the Champions League Manchester defeated Real Madrid just to be beaten by Lyon in the quarter-finals. 

Post-Guardiola’s time

Currently there are no preconditions for Pep Guardiola’s dismissal. However, we know that Manchester City’s chairman doesn’t like to remain without new trophies. Besides, the contract with Guardiola ends next June. It is still unknown whether they will sign a new contract with him or not.

Nevertheless, bookmakers have already prepared a list of possible replacements. 

The most unlikely person to take over City is Neil Warnock, the current manager of Championship club Middlesbrough. The odds are 285. He is definitely experienced, but doesn’t have any significant achievement. 

Another unlikely candidate is Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool’s head coach is enjoying the fresh Premier League Championship. By the way, last year Klopp guided the Reds to the Champions League title. There are no reasons for him to leave now. The odds on Klopp are 101.

Diego Simeone has been coaching Atletico Madrid since 2011. He successfully manages to keep the club in the top five in the UEFA ratings. We doubt that he will leave his post. However, as many believe, he has been in La Liga for a while and needs a change in order to develop as a coach. The odds on Simeone are 26. 

And finally, the most probable candidate to replace Guardiola is Mauricio Pochettino. Rumor had it that Manchester City already negotiated with the Argentine manager. The odds that Pochettino will take over the club are 2.5.


We hope that Guardiola will be able to enjoy new achievements and trophies with Manchester City. However, let’s be prepared for any changes! 

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