Nobel Prize: Greta Thunberg and all, all, all

In December, regular winners of the Nobel Prizes, including the Peace Prize, will be announced in Stockholm. Let’s get acquainted with the candidates and figure out who can bring a good jackpot ….
Candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize can be nominated by governments, rectors of leading universities, past laureates and other individuals and organizations. When the applications are received, members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee select and compile a final list of applicants. According to the rules, the list of nominees is classified for 50 years, but the names of candidates often get into the press. So one name is known for sure – this is Greta Thunberg. On (link) you can find a list of potential applicants and evaluate the candidates’ chances to win the prize, as well as make money on your forecast.
For example, Raoni Metuktire is listed among the potential candidates. This is the leader of the Brazilian Kayapo tribe, which since the mid-80s has been advocating for ecology and conservation of the Amazonian forests. Bets on the victory of Raoni Metuktire are accepted with odds of 7.5. That means, by wagering 1,000 rubles, you will receive 7,500 rubles of winnings.

Another possible candidate is New Zealand politician Jacinda Ardern. The Prime Minister, the head of the Labor Party, she wants to build a welfare state. But they want to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize for supporting the victims of notorious shootings of people at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

However, the undisputed leader among bookmakers is Greta Thunberg.The name of the Swedish schoolgirl, who fights against global warming, does not leave the pages of newspapers and the headlines of news sites. She inspired many students and young people to fight for the environment, drew attention to the problem of climate change. Bets on Greta’s victory are accepted with a coefficient of 1.83.That is, for each ruble delivered, you will receive 1.85 rubles of winnings if she wins the prize. Also list includes Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the Pope and even entire organizations, such as “Reporters Without Borders” or “The European Union.” Follow the link , and you can always choose the most potential and probable nominee, in your opinion.

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