One million years before our pandemic

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? People have been trying to find an answer for this question for many years. Our team was bothered by this question as well. Thanks to the tons of information, hundreds of articles and scientific works, the pieces of this puzzle started to come together. Considering the discovered facts, it doesn’t seem funny anymore that the dinosaurs might have died out because of COVID-19.

You probably think what COVID has to do with that. We’ve prepared a little investigation to illustrate that this opinion may turn out to be correct.

The starting point

The history has always followed a cyclical pattern. Everything has already happened. So, perhaps, the first coronavirus pandemic occurred many years ago. What if it took place much earlier than we can possibly remember? For example, during the era of the dinosaurs.

Washington ProFile published a theory according to which the dinosaurs went extinct because of the global warming, which followed the Ice Age. Scientists believe that ash and gas spewing from volcanoes suffocated many of the dinosaurs. However, it is not yet proved. The only thing the scientists are sure of is that the cause of mortality of 90% of animals is somehow connected with water. The article was published in 2007. Then, people didn’t know what we now know.

Greta Thunberg is the messenger of the apocalypse?

In 2018, Greta Thunberg, a Swedish student, accused the mankind of destroying the planet. Greta the Harbinger was able to see what was hidden from most of us, that the global warming is the biblical apocalypse that can be the reason of our extinction. Some kept on grinning, while we continued our research.


Pterodactyls are the bats of the past?

So, we decided to study the physiological peculiarities of two kinds of flying creatures: pterodactyls and bats. We somehow felt that there was a connection. But what exactly?

According to one version, the bats are guilty of spreading the coronavirus. Well, not exactly the bats, but the people who ate them. We jumped at the possibility of the connection and eventually discovered that the extinct reptiles and modern bats have a lot in common, as for their body structure. Perhaps, they are related or even the links in the evolutionary chain. It is possible that pterodactyls of those days got sick and infected other dinosaurs.

The answer came when one of our authors after biting on his toast, realized that they were all food.

Tyrannosaurids and other carnivores ate pterodactyls. The latter fed on fish, which ate plankton. As we know plankton can be the carrier of different unknown viruses and organisms that appeared after melting of glaciers. The infected dinosaurs communicated and spread the disease.

In our situation, bugs were the carriers. Bats ate bugs, the Chinese people ate bats and spread the virus all over the world. Taking into account all these facts, we suppose that by 2020 scientists will have proved that the dinosaurs died out of COVID-19. Even bookmakers are giving the great odds of 32 on that. So, it is time to wager.

Stay healthy and rich! Don’t get fooled!

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