Ovechkin at the Olympics-2022?

The winger and captain for the Washington Capitals several times expressed his desire to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics, which is supposed to take place in Beijing, China, from February 4 to 20. Will the National Hockey League let him go? Will the Olympics happen at all, considering the global pandemic?


The participation of Alex Ovechkin in the Games is an excellent opportunity both for the athlete himself and for his home country – Russia. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his name represents hockey in Russia, and everyone there will be waiting to see the idol at the Olympics. His participation is also a good advertisement for the Olympics, as well as for the NHL.


Besides, Alexander has a good relationship with the owner of the Capitals -Ted Leonsis, who always tries to meet captain’s wishes. The only exception was in 2018, when the NHL season coincided with the time of the Olympics in Pyeongchang. And even then the National Hockey League agreed to let players attend the Games if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had compensated for financial losses due to the forced break in the season. The IOC refused to pay, and the Olympic ice hockey tournament was held without the participation of NHL players.


Ovechkin was upset, and Ted Leonsis promised to respect captain’s decision next time. So, perhaps, soon he will have to fulfil his promise.


However, COVID-19 can still cause huge changes, as China, the host of the Olympics-2022, will not put its population in danger and will definitely keep the quarantine measures for visitors. Thus, all the athletes will have to be isolated upon arrival for two weeks, which means that NHL players will have to pause the regular season for at least one month. In general, we are left to keep on guessing, as nothing is clear.


Perhaps, Ovechkin will not have to choose between the NHL and the Olympics, if the season in the National Hockey League is rescheduled due to coronavirus. That’s why our team believes that we will see Ovi at the Olympics-2022, if they happen of course. You can bet on Ovechkin taking part in the 2022 Winter Olympics for the odds of 1.45. The odds for the opposite outcome are 2.55.

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