Ronaldo’s coming out?


Celebrities often become a reason of hot discussions. For example, sexual orientation of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose life is followed by more than 200 million Instagram followers, always caused rumor and gossip. Why wouldn’t he just come out? Bookmakers started accepting bets on whether Cristiano will confess that he is a homosexual or not.
Football player’s orientation became a hot topic in the 2000s, when rumor had it that Ronaldo visited gay-themed clubs and bars. And when in 2013 Rihanna shared a picture of her and the football stud, having accompanied it with a comment ” Me and my gay friend”, she only heated the rumor up.
In the end of 2015, newspapers wrote that Ronaldo flies to Morocco 4 times a week to visit his friend, kickboxer Badr Hari. Social media were filled with their pictures, on one of which the kickboxer was holding smiling Ronaldo on his hands. The photo was ironically captioned “Almost married”.
In November 2017, Cristiano’s girlfriend Georgina Rodrigues gave birth to their daughter. Before that Ronaldo had kids only from surrogate mothers. The couple thinks about getting engaged, but many people believe that it is all being done intentionally for smoke and mirrors.
So, if you like unusual bets, take risk. High odds and good chances. Football legends are unpredictable guys. And with Cristiano Ronaldo is just a matter of time.

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