“The Witcher” Season 2: A Very Tolerant Princess

Recently, we saw the last episode of the first season of the sensational series The Witcher, and we are already looking forward to what will happen in the second season. Loyal fans of Sapkovsky’s work are passionately discussing the sexual orientation of one of the main characters of the television novel. So, how can you make money on Ciri in the upcoming season? Note, that during the shooting the directors tried to adhere to the author’s storyline as close as possible. Also, the screenwriter of the project, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, will add even more interaction between the main characters in the next season, which will bring even more brightness and drive.

In the interview with Reddit, to the question of whether there will be homoerotic scenes in the picture, Lauren answered positively

Back to Ciri. According to the book, the princess was saved by Mistle from dishonor. Subsequently, their close relationship continued for a short time, after which Mistle was killed. Also according to the original source, Jennefer develops a close relationship with Ciri. Summing up, we can confidently say that the murmur caused by excessive racial diversity in the series only intensifies. The creators cannot help but include homosexually oriented heroes. That is why, at least one “intimate” scene with the princess, we will see. Otherwise, it’s not tolerant somehow … Well, it’s time to place bets until the pot is cut!

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