What miniseries will win at the 2019 Emmy Award?

Only two months left till the annual Emmy Award Ceremony. Let’s get to know the nominees for “Outstanding Limited Series”. Which of the contenders will win? How to make the right bet?

“Chernobyl”, with 19 nominations, is definitely the leader of the race. Its average rating among viewers is 9.6-star (out of 10). The series was so well-accepted that now people want tours to the places where it was filmed.

The next favorite is Netflix drama “When they see us”. Based on true events, it relates the most scandalous case in the history of New York. The authors of the project managed to demonstrate how great the price of injustice can be. Rating is 8.1-star.

According to the viewers, number three is “Sharp Objects”. Although it seemed to lose a lot of steam after its debut, the series rating is still 7.6.

“Sharp Objects” is closely followed by “Escape at Dannemora”, with rating 7.4. Series tells us the story of 51-year old female prison employee, who became sexually entangled with two convicted murderers and helped them escape from the Correctional Facility.

And finally, the last but not least is “Fosse/Verdon”, a story about romantic partnership of filmmaker Bob Fosse and dancer Gwen Verdon. Public rating is 7.1.

We are giving this award to “Chernobyl”. The series was well-accepted by both public and critics. With a great scenario, incredible performances and visuals, it would be a disappointment if this miniseries doesn’t win. Which series will you bet on?

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