Word of the Year 2020

The year 2020 has brought us several things that are anything but pleasant. Those include tragic deaths, huge fires, war conflicts, and worldwide pandemic as a special bonus. This is the situation in which Word of the Year will have to be chosen. Traditionally, in order to reflect the interests of our society, different publishing organizations select words that attracted most of attention. At the beginning of this year, we already wrote about possible candidates to be named Word of the Year. However, the situation is quite different now.

The popular American dictionary Merriam-Webster has been preparing its selection of the most significant words since 2003. Now, Melbet suggests choosing your favourite word from the list and wagering on it. If your choice matches Merriam-Webster’s one, your bet will win.




One of the words on the list is ‘Self-quarantine’, meaning self-isolation. The odds are 7. Thus, by wagering €10, you may win €70.

The next candidate is ‘Pandemic’, with the odds of 3. By betting €10 on ‘Pandemic’, you may win €30.

Another possible winner is ‘Social Distancing’ (odds – 2). It means keeping physical distance from each other, as it is expected to prevent the spreading of virus.


This year all popular words are somehow related to the pandemic, reflecting public concerns. Meanwhile, the once-popular words connected to feminism, ecology or gender positioning are almost forgotten now and sit at the bottom of bookies’ lists. For instance, the odds on ‘Climate Strike’ are 26. If you like taking risks, you may wager €10 with a chance to earn €260.


Also, there is an opportunity to hit the jackpot by betting on ‘Malarkey’, which means ‘foolish talk’, for the odds of 41.

In 2019 Merriam-Webster named ‘They’ as Word of the Year. ‘They’ in singular is used for an individual who doesn’t identify as male or female.

Do you have any ideas what word fully reflects the current situation in the world? Follow the link to see the full list of contenders in order to choose your favourite and place a bet.

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