Word of the year for 2020

Every year different organizations, mass media, independent linguists and book publishers take stock of the year. Famous American publisher Merriam-Webster, especially known for its dictionaries, announces the Word of the Year, which is the most significant and memorable word that reflects the latest trends and tendencies. Melbet suggests betting on the possible candidates.

In 2019 the Word of the Year was “they”, referring to one person whose gender identity is nonbinary. At various times the words “justice”, “feminism’, and even suffix “-ism” were selected as Words of the Year.

The main favorites of 2020, according to Melbet, are related to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Thus, odds for Covidiot or Self-Quarantine are 5, which means that for each euro you can get 5 euros back. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has the most chances to become Word of the Year because it is the reason why the whole world is locked at home.

However, surprises are still possible. Such terms as ZOOM (odds are 10) and Recession (odds are 11) also have a chance, as the first one connects us with our friends and helps us to not feel lonely, while the second one directly influences our lives and plans.

According to Melbet, the least possible winners are various brands of toilet paper, like for example “Cottonelle” (odds are 34).

As we can see, in one way or another all the words are somehow related to our new reality and reflect our social responsibility. So, we’d like to join the community of doctors and suggest staying at home and placing your bets online because it is easy, quick and profitable. Click and win!

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