The new hope of Russian tennis

Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal faced each other in final at US Open 2019. After two lost sets Medvedev was able to even the score and get so close to winning his first Grand Slam title. Although Daniil lost to Nadal, he was fighting till the end. For Rafael this is his 19th Grand Slam, and now he is on the second place with only one behind Roger Federer.

Medvedev, 24-year old, has already performed at 6 Grand Slam tournaments. This year in New York prior to the final he lost only 4 sets total and in his semi-final he defeated Grigor Dimitrov 3-0 (7:6, 6:4, 6:3).
Before the final Nadal obviously was a favorite. Everyone assumed that as Medvedev plays classic tennis he would stand behind the line and play predictably. Nadal, on the contrary, moves very fast and will be able to quickly stop Medvedev’s attacks. It worked in the first two sets, which Nadal won 7:5, 6:3. But at the beginning of the third set Medvedev realized his mistakes and changed his tactics. He started playing more aggressively, changed his position on court, and thus, received an advantage in the third and fourth sets. Nadal tensed up and felt uncomfortable.

Daniil could even the score and was very close to the victory, but in the 5th set Nadal started dominating again. Medvedev tried to make a comeback at the score 2:5 in the fifth set but Nadal didn’t let him do it.
Daniil is the third Russian, who played in men’s Grand Slam final for the first time since 2005. He is currently №4 in the ATP rankings. It is interesting that Daniil won 20 out of 23 matches, thus becoming one of the strongest players at presence.

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